Dairy Replacements: Part I

NutsI remember when I first discovered that I was lactose intolerant. I asked myself “how am I going to live without milk? I cannot live life without milk.” I was in denial. Everything I ate in almost every meal had dairy in it. ¬†After continuing to drink milk, knowing it would make my stomach upset and give me horrible side affects, I decided that I needed to find a replacement for milk.

After several long weeks, I discovered several replacements for milk that could be used for more than just eating it in your cereal. I have tried six different types of milk that do not contain dairy. These milks are hazelnut milk, 7-grain milk, oat milk, rice milk, soy milk, and coconut milk. Milks that I have not tried include hemp milk and cashew milk. Although I have not tried them, I have some knowledge of their uses and their attributes.

When I first tried hazelnut milk, I found that it had a very creamy, nutty-flavor to it although it was very thin in texture. This milk can be used in your coffee to replace dairy-based creamers. Hazelnut milk can be unsweetened, slightly sweetened and can even be found with in chocolate flavor. ¬†7-grain milk also has a very thin texture. One can use this milk to make smoothies and it goes well with any cereal. 7-grain milk can come in its “original” flavor and can also be found with a vanilla flavor.

Please come back for Part II!