Dairy Replacements: Part II

Coffee CreamerOat milk has a grainy texture that is very thick. Oat milk is usually sold in its “original” flavor. This milk can be used to make cookies. Rice milk is very thin and has a watery complexion to it. It can be used to make smoothies or in cereals. It is sold in its original flavor or with vanilla flavor.  Coconut milk can be very thick and similar to oat milk, it can be used for baking. It also comes in vanilla flavor sweetened or unsweetened.  Although I have not tried hemp milk for myself, I know that it can be really thick in texture which can also be used for baking. Hemp milk also comes in different flavors as well.

Soy milk is has been one of my favorite out of all the dairy replacements. It is very versatile and can be used in any way. It can be used to bake, for smoothies, in cereal, and even replace creamer in coffee. Soy milk can be purchased in many forms. It can comes in its original flavor, vanilla and chocolate flavor. Almond milk, which I did not mention in the previous post, is also just as versatile as soy milk. It comes in its original flavor and in vanilla. It can be found sweetened or unsweetened.   Another one of my favorite milks is lactose-free milk by Lactaid. The lactose-free milk that is sold by Lactaid includes fat free milk, whole milk, 2%, including calcium enriched milk, and much more.

Being lactose intolerant does not mean that you cannot enjoy your favorite foods that have dairy. I have given you more than nine options of dairy replacements that will help you continue to make your favorite smoothies, eat your favorite cereals, continue to enjoy your coffee, and make all of your favorite recipes.