Sources of Calcium: Part I

Cereal and MilkOne of the biggest worries that my mother had when she found out I was lactose intolerant was that I would not be consuming as much calcium without milk. I had this same worry. How would I still obtain the calcium I would get from drinking milk?The average adult should consume 1000 mg of calcium per day. One cup of milk contains 200mg of calcium. There are foods that are calcium-rich. One cup of white beans contains 191 mg. These an be cooked and added to your salad or you can have them on the side of your plate during lunch or dinner. Eight dried figs contains 107mg of calcium. These could be eaten in between meals as a snack. Raw kale contains 188mg of calcium in every two cups. For more chances of calcium you can make a kale salad. You can also add white beans to your kale salad for more calcium.

Canned black-eyed peas have 185 mg of calcium in 1/2 cup. These can be used in a soup or in your favorite casserole. Almonds are nuts that contain calcium. In every 1/4 cup, twenty nuts or so, there are 72 mg of calcium. These can also be eaten as a snack when you are feeling hungry in between meals. One of my favorite foods to eat when I am hungry that provides me with calcium is oranges. In one orange, there is 65 mg of calcium. You can add orange to a fruit salad or eaten alone.

Come back for Part II where I will talk about more sources of calcium!