Sources of Calcium: Part II

There are lots of foods that are naturally calcium-enriched. Some are natural and others can have calcium added to them that are also known as foods fortified with calcium. 

Foods that are fortified with calcium can be very beneficial to you especially if you do not like other foods that naturally contain calcium or cannot digest them. One of my foods that is fortified with calcium is instant oatmeal. You can eat this in the morning along with fresh berries. In one cup of instant oatmeal there 187 mg of calcium. Orange juice can also be fortified with calcium. One just one cup of orange juice there is 500 mg of calcium– more than a cup of milk! Soy milk, fortified with calcium, of course,  can also be used to replace your dairy. It has 300 mg of calcium in one cup more than one cup of milk! Believe it or not, Cheerios can also be fortified with calcium. One cup contains 114 mg of calcium. All of these can be eaten for breakfast. These make your most important meal of the day even more important!

Another way one can obtain calcium is by taking calcium supplements. Calcium supplements can be taken with or without your food. Calcium supplements should be taken in small quantities throughout the day. Why? Large amounts of calcium can be detrimental for your body. It can affect your kidney leading to possible kidney stones. For best results, start by taking 500mg of your calcium supplements. Over time gradually add more.

Because the foods that contain the most calcium are dairy products, individuals who are lactose intolerant are at risk of having calcium deficiency which can lead to osteoporosis.  Eating foods with calcium, foods with fortified with calcium or take calcium supplements can help avoid other detrimental effects occurring to your body.