Butter and Goats Milk: Part II

When I tell a new friend, classmate, and acquaintances that I am lactose intolerant, some ask if I have considered drinking goats milk. That has never actually crossed my mind because I have usually chosen to drink lactose-free or dairy-free milk. The truth is, considering to drink goats milk may be a good idea. 

Goats milk actually also contains lactose. However, before you start to panic, people who are lactose intolerant are still able to digest it. You may now be wondering, how? Well goats milk is naturally easier to digest than compared to cows milk. For a more detailed explanation visit this page. Besides being easier to digest, goats milk also provides individuals with 13% more calcium in every cup compared to cows milk. People who are suffer from milk allergy should also consider drinking goats milk. Those who are allergic to soy should also try drinking goats milk. Although goats milk is not sold by the gallons and it could be a little more expensive than regular cows milk, it is worth giving a try.