Lactose Intolerance Around the World

Have you ever wondered how many more people in the world are lactose intolerant? People cannot just be lactose intolerant in one part of the world only, right? I decided to make an infographic to show the percentages of lactose intolerance in some countries around the world. 

I used to make this infographic on lactose intolerance around the world. I gathered information on the percentages of lactose intolerance in some countries. When I saw that countries such as England (16%), France (20%), and Russia (13%) had small percentages of lactose intolerance I was not surprised. I was not surprised when I saw that China (92%), Nigeria (91%), and Brazil (85%) had high percentages of lactose intolerance. Why? Because countries like Japan, Nigeria, and Brazil have a long history with lactose intolerance. You can read more about it here.