Hidden Sources of Lactose

In the previous post, I talked about the hidden ingredients in food that contain lactose. Not all food products will have a giant sign that says “Contains milk products” or “Do not eat this! You will get sick!” If only it worked that way. 

Processed foods are the number one source of hidden sources of lactose. Processed foods that you would have never imagined such as soups, cereals, potato chips, luncheon meats, and even bacon. Other processed foods that contain lactose are “low-calorie” food packs, nutritional supplements, protein powder, and energy bars.

What can we do to avoid the harms of hidden sources of lactose to our bodies? Some possible solutions could be to make your own snacks such as fruit salad or buying baby carrots. Other solutions could be going to a local organic grocery store and look for vegan food, snacks, milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and butter.


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