Lunch and Dinner

Here are some more restaurants that are open for lunch and dinner. Not all are completely dairy-free but offer that option. Some are vegan, meaning they would most likely not use dairy since it is an animal product.  Happy eatings!

  • San Jose, CA – Ike’s Place Sandwich Shop : This sandwich has many items on their menu and even have a vegan portion of their menu. Dairy-free options are available as well.
  • Mountain View and Palo Alto, CA – Garden Fresh : Ever heard of vegan Chinese cuisine? Give it a try! And remember, it is dairy-free.
  • Sunnyvale, CA – Merit Vegetarian Restaurant : This restaurant is also has vegan Chinese cuisine. Two is better than one, right?
  • Palo Alto, CA – Tender Greens : This place is just heavenly. I have personally tried their food and it is just delicious. They offer dairy-free options for their salad dressings and soups.
  • Berkeley, CA – The Butcher’s Son : This restaurant provides with some dairy-free options but most of the items include cheese. Ask your waiter to have the chef remove the cheese when ordering.
  • San Francisco, CA – Ananda Fuera : This restaurant is completely vegan. Yummy, no dairy!
  • San Francisco, CA – Vegan Burg : All of the items on Vegan Burg’s menu are burgers and sandwiches– all vegan (the name kind of gives it away.)