Calcium Deficiency: a lack in the intake of calcium

Calcium Fortified: foods that have had calcium added to them to increase their nutritional value

Congenital Lactase Deficiency: a rare condition when a person is born lactose intolerant

Dairy: foods that contain milk

Enzyme: a catalyst made up of proteins that help accelerate the chemical reactions in our bodies

Hypolactasia: lactose intolerance

Lactase: an enzyme produced in the small intestine that breaks down lactose

Lactose: a sugar found in milk made of galactose and glucose

Lactose Intolerance: the intolerance of dairy due to the lack of lactase enzyme in the small intestine

Milk Allergy: a food allergen in which an individual is allergic to proteins found in milk

Primary Hypolactasia: (also known as primary lactase deficiency) when a person is lactose intolerant due to genetics

Secondary Hypolactasia: (also known as secondary lactose deficiency) when a person is lactose intolerant because the small intestine does not produce lactase enzymes