Cheese and Yogurt: Part II

Like mentioned in the previous post, the amount of lactose a person can digest depends on the amount lactase their body is producing. With that being said, there are some foods that contain some lactase that individuals with mild lactose intolerance can digest such as cheese and yogurt.  Continue reading


Cheese and Yogurt: Part I

When it comes down to the severity of lactose intolerance, some people cannot digest any products that contain dairy. Others, however, can digest foods such as cheese and yogurt. The amount of dairy each person can digest is solemnly based on the amount of lactase enzymes their small intestine produces.  Continue reading

Retraining Your Body

One of the initial questions I asked myself when I first discovered I was lactose intolerant was, “How can I go back into being lactose tolerant?” I did not try to do much research and let go of the thought. During the course of creating this blog, this question has made its way back into my brain. Can I become lactose tolerant again? Continue reading