Hidden Sources of Lactose

In the previous post, I talked about the hidden ingredients in food that contain lactose. Not all food products will have a giant sign that says “Contains milk products” or “Do not eat this! You will get sick!” If only it worked that way.  Continue reading


How Much Lactose do Dairy Products Contain?

Have you ever wondered how much lactose is in all dairy products? I had never put much thought into this until I stumbled across websites where people have actually measured the amount of lactose in every day dairy products like ice cream, yogurt, and even butter.
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Food Labels

Grocery shopping for someone who is not lactose intolerant may seem easy. Skip the butter, cheeses, creams, ice cream, and milk. Piece of cake… right? What about other products? Do those contain lactose in them? This post will guide you through reading food labels to find lactose in foods. Continue reading